The unique Erawan-Museum in Bangkok

Erawan Museum Bangkok

It is not on the list of the mainstream attractions but the Erawan-Museum (Chang Sam Sien or in Thai: พิพิธภัณฑ์ช้างเอราวัณ ) with its 3 headed elephants on the roof of the museum is very special and has many stunning Thai sculptures and arts. So if you stay for some days in Bangkok it is worth to do the short trip of about 30 min from centre Bangkok to Samut Prakan which is easy to arrive via BTS (BTS Station Chang Erawan).

Museum with the 3 headed elephants

When you standing in front of the building you see the incredible and gigantic 3 headed elephant that reaches a height of 29 meters and weighs in total 250 tons. Get inside the temple a stunnig stairway with beautiful decoraded exotic sculptures around leads you up above where you will find the magnificent domed roof with its stained colourful glass window depicting the world and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Inside the Museum the 3 levels represent the underworld, the human earth, and the heaven.
Going to the top level the museum represents the Tavatimsa Heaven which is located on top of Mount Meru in Buddhist cosmology.

Sculpture Erawan Museum
Mythological Sculpture
Museum with 3 headeed elephant
Museum inside
Museum shrine

The garden

Around the temple is a very beautiful garden with lotus flowers, watercourses and elephant statues build in a circle. Wander under the elephants statues creates an elephant trumpets. Many people buy a lotus flower and float it on the water for good luck.

Museum with elephants around the temple
Garden with sculptures
Garden with mythological sculptures

How to get there

From centre Bangkok to Samut Prakan via BTS (BTS Station Chang Erawan).
The museum has a electric driven Tuk Tuk shuttel service which is free of charge. Arriving guests will be shutteled from the BTS station to the entry of the museum. Enjoy your stay at the Erawan-Museum.

99 Bang Mueang Mai
Mueang Samut Prakan District Samut Prakan 10270
BTS Station: Chang Erawan

Daily 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entry fee
300 THB for Farrang
150 THB for Thai

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