Bangkok also called the City of Angels is since 1782 the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Bangkok’s population is about 15 million people from all over the world. The Thai peoples religion is buddhism. Official currency is the Thai baht (THB). In my blog article I want to give you some information for planning your Thailand trip.

Basic information about Thailand

Country name: Kingdom of Thailand (Thai: Krung Thep)
Capital City: Bangkok
Official Currency: THB (Thai Baht)
Population Thailand: about 68 million people
Religion: Buddhism
Best travel time: December until May
Monsoon season: June until Octobre
Average temperature: Around 24 to 34 degrees Celsius (86 degress Fahrenheit)

Plan your Bangkok and Thailand travel

A good planning makes your travel more comfortable and relaxed.

Flight and Accommodation

Plan and prepare your Bangkok travel accordingly in advance to avoid stress.
Check in the searching machines a flight which fits for you well and book them. Then check out in one of the searching and booking portals in internet for a hotel which is is adequat your lifestyle level and budget. There are so many beautiful hotels for affordable price.
The best experience I have learned is with the agoda booking portal. Here you get the best price for your accommodation.

Check here for your booking!


Usually foreigners can stay with a Visa on arrival for 4 weeks in Thailand when they arrive via an international flight. If you want to stay more then 4 weeks you need to get a visa from the Royal Thai Embassy.


There is an incredible lot of choice for activities and so many sights to see. This city never sleeps. So up on what kind of preferences on activities and sightseeings you would like to do. My blog will help you with some investigations and try to give you good tips.
Bangkok is famous for Buddhist temples, Rooftop Bars, Nightlife, Tuk Tuk drive, Thai Streetfood, Muay Thai, Shopping malls, Chinatown, Spa and Massage.

ATM and Money Change

Bangkok has many ATM’s at each corner. It is very easy to get cash money at all the time. Note, however, that there is a bank charge of 220 baht and the maximum available amount of money is mostly 20,000 baht depending on the Bank. Exception is TMB with 30,000 baht. In the shopping malls and restaurants it is ussual to pay by credit card like Mastercard or Visa. But for Taxi and Tuk Tuk and also public transportation always have cash money available.
When you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at the ground level you will find a lot banks and money change shops. You need to check and find out which fits best for you but my best experience I have with Superrich. They always provide the best change rate. Take always the biggest currency notes with you for change because the change rate is higher with big currency notes (e.g. 500 Euro better rate then 100 Euro).

Best area to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok has 50 districts and they called Khet. The heart of the city are the districts of Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Silom, Bangrak and Riverside at the Chao Phraya River where you will find the best hotels to stay and close to sights and attractions. Soon in my blog I will publish some more details about the districts and which is the best place matching with which sight or attraction.

Bangkok Chao Phraya River
Bangkok Chao Phraya River

Transportation from the Airport to the City

International flights usually are arrive at the new Airport Suvarnabhumi. You will have two choices to reach the city centre. By Taxi or by BTS Skytrain. For Taxi ride you need to calculate about 500 baht and for the Skytrain ticket 38 baht.
The Skytrain Airport line is the easiest and cheapest way to get into the centre. It takes only about 30 minutes to arrive to the Makkasan station airport link (Phetchaburi MRT station) where you can change to the MRT transportation to get to the other areas from Bangkok.

MRT Card
MRT Card

BTS Rabbit Card
BTS Rabbit Card

BTS Bangkok
BTS Bangkok

Bangkok Public Transport BTS and MRT

In Bangkok there are two different public transportations in use. First ist the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) which is driving in trains upper ground. The second is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) which is in the underground. You are able to buy for a single ride a valid coin or you buy a value card (yellow for BTS and blue for MRT) charged by 100 baht and easier to use. Just tap the card at the gate and your ride will be registered and at your destination, when you leave the area, tap the pay-card again to pay.

Tuk Tuk Bangkok
Tuk Tuk Bangkok

Taxi and Tuk Tuk

Bangkok has a lot of Taxis and Tuk Tuk’s driving in the city centre. You always will be able to catch one of them to get a ride to your hotel or sight. If you catch a Taxi always be careful that the driver is using the taxi meter. Sometimes the driver make you an offer with a fix price which I can not recommend to agree and I would always insist on using the taxi meter. In any case of issues you are always able to consult the tourist police.
A Tuk Tuk ride is a special pleasure and makes a lot of fun and they not use a meter. So it is up to your negotiation skill to get a good price. Be aware Taxi and Tuk Tuk only accept cash money.